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Need Information About chef-alfresco

Question asked by nicolewells on Nov 28, 2017

Hello All, I have been learning Chef-Alfresco and i knew few points about Chef-Alfresco can any give me pdf about that.

This are the things, I knew!


chef-alfresco is a Chef cookbook that provides a modular, configurable and extensible way to install an Alfresco node/stack; alfresco::default parses node['alfresco']['components'] and includes other alfresco::* recipes accordingly.

It is tested on Centos 7.x and Ubuntu 14.04 (soon on Centos 6.7)

To know more about attribute definition and overriding, check CHEF To get a list of packaged installed, their sources and versions, check

Graph of cookbooks dependencies


For a comprehensive documentation on how to use and test chef-alfresco, please visit our Wiki


How to contribute

To avoid any problem on master, we are implementing git-flow. To contribute, follow this:

Fork this repository
Make your changes
Test your changes
Make a pull request to alfresco/develop.