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Alfresco Running very Slow or doesn't open

Question asked by aasifkhan_91 on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by aasifkhan_91

Hi all,


I need a urgent solution for my problem.

My pc is installed with alfresco community edition(modified for office use). every month around 50k files we upload in the repository. 

My alfresco has around 300 gb of content already.

The PC configuration is 500gb hard disk, 8gb ram with i5 processor.

Now when i try to access my repository, the server is running slow and taking 20 mins for every page to open.

Is it because of excessive no of files being accessed at once.

Out of 8gb ram my PC is utilizing only 4 gb of ram and rest is in standby.

Do i have to increase the hard disk space or do ihave to increase the processor.

The error i ll get some time is that the "a Problem has occured. This page could not be rendered:repository. Please notify your system administrator."



Please help me on this immediately.