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Show a worning when a file is uploaded.

Question asked by ezernova on Dec 4, 2017

I've created a rule to block files of a certain filetypes from being uploaded to my Alfresco and it works great except for one thing:

there is no warning message if files are uploaded via shared filder (CIFS). It looks like the file gets uploaded but instead a zero byte file is created.


Is there a way to show a message?


Here is a script I use to block files:


function main()
var name =;
var siteName = document.siteShortName;
var parent = document.parent;
var ext = name.slice((name.lastIndexOf(".") - 1 >>> 0) + 2);

if (ext === 'mp4' || ext === 'wmv' || ext === 'avi' || ext === 'mts' || ext === 'flv' || ext === 'mov' )
throw "Unsupported file format. Video files are not allowed. File name: " + name + ", Site Name: " + siteName;