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How to connect postresql database in allinone projects

Question asked by noohulalthaf on Dec 6, 2017
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I have configured 'allinone' projects in my system but i don't have alfresco community installed in my system.I believe the project will get connect to tomcat runner internally and by default it will be connected to H2 database.but if i want to connect to other databases such as postresql,mysql etc, where i can define the connection properties. As i am aware of that if we install alfresco community, by default we can configure database in file, but i want to create the project independently for development purpose, ie.  no need to install alfresco, so where will i configure the database connections ? if i need the alfresco-global file to be added where i have to place the file?


Please guide me to understand on that. Thanks in Advance