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Workflow stuck at Parallel Gateway - Intermittently

Question asked by shreyashsamani on Dec 11, 2017
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We are intermittently facing a problem related to Parallel Gateway. I have attached three images, one which shows workflow model configuration details and other two which shows state of workflow i.e. stuck and successful.


Here what happen is, after successful start of workflow, execution reaches to parallel gateway which moves to 3 user tasks i.e. User Task 4 - User Task 5  - User Task 6. Now user completes User Task 5 so that particular execution moves to next node which is one input for Parallel Gateway. For User Task 4, boundary timer gets hit so it's execution also reaches another input of Parallel Gateway. Now the problem is that sometimes the execution is not moving to the next node which is Inclusive gateway.


This issue is not happening always. It has an intermittent behavior i.e. 2 times out of 10 cases. Can anybody tell me what's the problem here.


Version: Activiti - 5.15.1

Multiple(3) activiti engine with job scheduler enable in all instances.