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Update the value of a property from custom model

Question asked by antonio_sanchez_garaboa on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by antonio_sanchez_garaboa

I have a custom aspect with a property like:

<aspect name="cofc:process">
      <property name="cofc:process">
         <description>Name of the process</description>
         <index enabled="true">
            <constraint name="cofc:LIST_3f87a64c-c3f8-4939-888f-9f64b985392e" type="LIST">
               <parameter name="allowedValues">
                     <value>Join the association</value>
                     <value>Edit profile</value>
                     <value>Leave the association</value>
               <parameter name="caseSensitive">
               <parameter name="sorted">

The users have created some documents and they have assigned the value "Edit profile" to the property "Process".

I have noticed that changes in the list of values of the custom model are not reflected in the old documents. I mean, if I change the value "Edit profile" to "Edit user" in the custom model, the old documents have no changed the value to "Edit user".

Is there any way that a change in the model causes an automatic change in all affected documents?