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Site membership after migration

Question asked by saikatrahul on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by saikatrahul

Hi All,
We have done migration from one domain( and ldap is pointing to to another domain( and ldap is pointing to 
ldap is working fine but when we are searching for the old users from people section we could see the old users but
we can't find any sites that users are associated to but when user logs in he can see the site and related data.

FYI: our objective is to do user mapping i.e if user "" is member of site "test" with sitemanger role,we will make user "" a sitemanager of "test" site through a script(as both of the users are same) in order to do so we need to find the site that user "" belongs to which we can't find from people section and

"siteService.listUserSites(oldAuthorityName)" is returning empty as well.


Please help.