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Activiti timer process not starting on all the nodes

Question asked by irchowdary on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by irchowdary


I am working on an Activiti BPM process that has to start for every 5minutes; using timer event to start the process.

This is working good when deployed on one node using mysql activiti db, but when pushed it to an environment that has 2 nodes with both the nodes pointing to one mysql activiti db - it is not working as expected. It runs for every 5 minutes, either on node1 or node 2, but not on both.


I want to set this up in a way activiti BPM process runs on each node for every 5 minutes.

Could someone please share your thoughts on this?


Using Activiti 6.0 with SpringBoot and Mysql db.

We have not made any specific changes to the config, all the activiti properties are default configuration.