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Potential tracking inefficiency by the Alfresco-Solr4

Question asked by j.fintora on Dec 13, 2017
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we use alfresco-solr4-5.2.e with Alfresco 5.2.e and we found potential inefficiency.


Solr tracks changes in an associated Alfresco system by periodically requesting info about committed transactions. The tracking is triggered every 15 seconds (property alfresco.cron=0/15 * * * * ? *) and every time it requests transactions back to the time of the last committed transaction (actually hour before that -> alfresco.hole.retention=3600000).


One tracking sends many requests. One for each hour between now and time of the last committed transaction.


And we found out that all hour intervals since the last committed transaction are queried over and over again every 15 seconds. For example, when I upload a file to the Alfresco and then wait few hours, the number of tracking requests will grow by one for each hour since the upload. And the same requests will be fired every 15 seconds until I upload another file.


And we wonder, why it need to query the same interval more than once? Even when the interval is in the past. Is it inefficiency, or is there some reason behind that?


The problem is partially mentioned here, but there is nothing about the repeated querying of the same time interval.


Some insight would be appreciated. Thank you.