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Log http traffic in ADF devServer?

Question asked by queshaw on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by dvuika

My CORS configuration doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to log traffic? I have this:


devServer.proxy."/ecm".logLevel: 'debug'

devServer.proxy."/ecm".error: function(err, req, res) {



devServer.proxy."/ecm".onProxyReq: function (proxyReq, req, res) {

console.log('RAW Request from the target', JSON.stringify(proxyReq.headers, true, 2));


devServer.proxy."/ecm".onProxyRes: function (proxyRes, req, res) {

console.log('RAW Response from the target', JSON.stringify(proxyRes.headers, true, 2));
const header = proxyRes.headers['www-authenticate'];
if (header && header.startsWith('Basic')) {
  proxyRes.headers['www-authenticate'] = 'x' + header;



and in wsrv-config.js:

"proxy": {
"/ecm/{p*}": {
"options": {
"uri": "{p}",
"verbose": true


But, no messages appear on the console. 


8082 is alfresco community 6.x (for testing), but nothing appears in the access log