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Solr4 : Asynchronous indexing not working

Question asked by mat34 on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by mat34

Hello everyone!


I upgraded my alfresco community edition (5.0 to 5.2) respecting specific Alfresco documentation:

   - Install the new version (from Alfresco installer)

   - Copy old content store in new installation directory (10Gb)

   - Switching config in properties to use old Postgre database  

   - Regenerate SSL keys...


Firstly, the startup of Alfresco is OK (no errors) but It need many hours to be fully available (100% CPU during at least 4 hours without errors ). I thought it was only for first start (building index for first time) but it take this time for every restart of Alfresco. I don't know if this time is a normal value but is complicated for testing properties and restart application.


After the startup, Alfresco Share interface is OK with all functionnality. My problem occur when I add or modify a file, the file is well added in the interface but it seem not indexed, is never added in "recently updated/modified" category , recents and searching actions (rss functions..).


If I check Solr admin console, i notice that lastModified value is never updated and there are no log in catalina.out or solr.log) ...




core info


UpdateHandler details : 



In SolrR logging console , I found some errors after startup at ~16:00





For "Java heap space" message I already increase JAVA_OPTS values in like this

Any ideas? 

Thanks a lot