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Why are the following options not honoured when setting up solr6 search service on ubuntu         - SOLR_SOLR_CONTENT_DIR=/var/lib/solr6/contentStore  &  SOLR_SOLR_MODEL_DIR=/var/lib/solr6/alfrescoModels

Question asked by smcardle on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by andy1

When setting up solr6 search service on ubuntu the following environment options are ignored





I always get the alfresoModels folder created as in the default directory 

/opt/alfresco-search-services/solrhome/alfrescoModels and I am not even getting a contentStore folder


By the way this is before actually trying to connect to a running alfresco instance.


I have a couple of other other issues as well regarding environment variables.



also does not work !!!!


And lastly.....

The command

/opt/alfresco-search-services/solr/bin/solr start -force -a "-Dcreate.alfresco.defaults=alfresco,archive"

Does not create the cores !!!!

I have to go into the solr admin UI and create them or run the commands


To create them in the directory I want


These are actually being set as a part of a docker-compose.yml and I want the logs / cores / contentStore and alfrescoModels setup on my volume for persistence when restarting the docker image.




       image: pdubois/solr6:latest


        - ALFRESCO_HOST=alfresco

        - XMS=2048

        - XMX=2048

        - SOLR_DATA_DIR_ROOT=/var/lib/solr6

        - SOLR_LOGS_DIR=/var/lib/solr6/logs

        - SOLR_SOLR_CONTENT_DIR=/var/lib/solr6/contentStore

        - SOLR_SOLR_MODEL_DIR=/var/lib/solr6/alfrescoModels


        - "8983:8983"


        - /var/data/solr6:/var/lib/solr6



The Dockerfile contains the -D jvm options like so



/opt/alfresco-search-services/solr/bin/solr start -force -a "-Dcreate.alfresco.defaults=alfresco,archive"



Because it does not create these cores there are other issues with the Dockerfile when trying to sed values into the conf/ files but I'll take a look at those when I can get the cores created in the location I want them in