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No way how to use old Alfresco Community Account?

Question asked by p_bodnar2 on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by kgastaldo



I'm unable to login to using my old (well, not-that-old) account. So I tried to reset my password. But the page which is linked from the reset password email,!input.jspa, returns just empty page with HTTP error status 500 "Internal Server Error".


So as there is no other way how to contact the Alfresco administrators, I'm asking the community, or rather Alfresco admins, in here for help. I had to create a secondary (this) user account for the purpose (appending "2" at the end of username) - hopefully I can return back to my original account again!


(I tried to fill in the form at Contact Us and Global Office Locations | Alfresco , but, not surprisingly, the sales was not able to help me ; finally, there seems to be no category to report such a problem in the Alfresco JIRA.)