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Updating to last version of LibreOffice to avoid performance problems

Question asked by chortels on Jan 10, 2018
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We are experiencing problems with soffice.bin process in Alfresco5, which is running in CentOS. When uploading documents, this process is using almost 100% of CPU, generating heavy logs. According to what I've read in related issues (soffice.bin process using a lot of resources. ), this is solved by updating to the last version of LibreOffice.


Currently, we have installed an old version of LibreOffice in Alfresco5. I would like to know if updating to a newer version would be enough, or if this problem is related to LibreOffice (or OpenOffice) itself. 


In short, what I want to know is that if using an old version (which I don't know, because I haven't found the way to discover it searching in LibreOffice directory, in Alfresco installation) of LibreOffice could generate this problem. 


Thanks for your help.