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Problem with translation

Question asked by akafortes on Jan 11, 2018
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does anyone have any experience with how the translation of Alfresco works?

Let me explain my situation and the problem I'm having.

I have downloaded the Greek translation from Alfresco language packs nightly builds.

Thanks to Axel Faust, from an older question I had (Changing the Alfresco Share language), I was able to apply the translation.

Then Ι changed my browser's locale to see if the translation was OK.

It was generally in a good state but a few things were missing, for example in the Header menu.


"Home", "My Files", "Shared Files", "Sites", "Tasks" are not translated. So I decided to unpack the JARs and make the chages myself. The translationed text is written in Unicode format.

Looking around the files I found out that the labels for the Header menu appeared in many different files and I don't know why it's that way, but nevertheless, all the labels for the header menu that I could find were translated and in unicode format. For example:

header.sites.label=\u0394\u03b9\u03ba\u03c4\u03c5\u03b1\u03ba\u03bf\u03af \u03a4\u03cc\u03c0\u03bf\u03b9
header.sites.description=\u0394\u03b9\u03ba\u03c4\u03c5\u03b1\u03ba\u03bf\u03af \u03a4\u03cc\u03c0\u03bf\u03b9


I have looked in almost all files looking for "Home" or "Sites" to see if I can find it somewhere that is not converted in Unicode, or not tranlated at all, but I couldn't find it which confuses me even more.

Why isn't the translated text being applied?


Am I missing something with how the translation is supposed to work?
Does the whole implementation have to be translated for it to work properly? (There are many parts that are still in English, in the translation files)


Please help!