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How to change location of contentstore dir?

Question asked by alessio86 on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by luis000

Hi, I was wondering how to save files on an external server (different from the installation one). After reading some community discussions, I have understood that:
1. I need to change the dir.contentstore and dir.contentstore.deleted default values in the file. But I don't know how to select the right path to the destination folder. For example:
dir.contentstore = <server_address>\\C:\\contentstore

Is it the right way to write the path?

2. After doing point 1, do I need to delete or move or rename the old contentstore directories? And also, should I delete the database (because maybe I will get errors when looking for a file in another location).

3. Do I need to modify other configuration or xml files? Or do I need to perform some other actions?


Thanks in advance,