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Failed to execute script for scheduler in virus scanning

Question asked by ayushi.agrahari on Jan 15, 2018

I am trying to scan the files being uploaded on alfresco for virus using GitHub - fegorama/alfviral: Alfresco Virus Alert.The UI action and behavior is working perfectly.However whenever I am trying to scan for the virus using scheduler at a particular time,it is giving the exception "failed to execute script at noderef = workspace/Spacesstore/aed1df6-3456-edf3816":null

which is actually Scriptscanfolder.js file.


I have googled for exception on internet and I have found that there might be a problem related to permission

So,I have found the bean for scheduler or cronedpression in alrviral-context.xml and found a bean a property  <property name = "runAsUser">

<value>System</value> in the bean CronScheduledQueryBasedTemplateActionDefinition


I am unable to figure out if I should change the value of this property to admin or anything else or not.

Plz help me with this