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Dynamically set value of <timeCycle>

Question asked by alfsender on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2018 by daisuke-yoshimoto

Hi All,


I have activiti workflow in place which has "intermediateCatchEvent" as below.

<intermediateCatchEvent id="assetUploadTimer" name="Asset Upload Timer">

As you can see in my <timerEventDefinition> I have set time as 1 min. Every minute this timer task will call a ServiceTask to check file/asset upload progress. What I would like to do is set <timeCycle> value dynamically.


I am starting my activiti process using below code.


Map variables contains size variable. So, if size is > 1GB then I want to set <timeCycle> as R/PT30M (every 30 min), and if it's < 1GB then set <timeCycle> as R/PT1M.


I thought to add this condition in <sequenceFlow> and check size variable, if it's > 1GB then go to <intermediateCatchEveny id="checkEvery30Min">, else go to <intermediateCatchEveny id="checkEvery1Min">.

I would like to know if I can avoid adding two <intermediateCatchEveny> and update existing <intermediateCatchEvent id="assetUploadTimer" name="Asset Upload Timer"> to assign different <timeCycle>.


Let me know your suggestion.