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The best method to define content models

Question asked by zputnoky on Jan 18, 2018
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Dear All,


Working on an Alfresco implementation to manage documentation related to projects. So far collected all the documents created during the life of a project. These documents are organized by teams and by project phases. The global list had been checked with the team leaders and seems I have a 'final' list of appr. 200 different documents.


Took the list and groupped the documents into 4 main groups: Corporate, Project, Administrative, Engineering and removed the duplicates. The list got a bit more clear but still far from a content model defintion.


Wondering what is the best method to define content models.Example: Have a document 'Minutes of Meeting' which can be considered a type, however this document should behave according which teams generates and at which phase. In this case, do I need to define one type for each MoM? or create a global one?


My goal would be to reduce the content type list to appr. 15-20 different types.


How do you tackle the definition?


Your inputs are appreciated,


Zsolt Putnoky