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How to create new User Group with particular permissions

Question asked by leostra on Jan 22, 2018

Hi all,

I am using Activiti Explorer web application v5.21.0 and my challenge is to create different group of users:

1) Admin: this profile wil have the permission to view all the sections;

2) Customer: this profile will have the permission to view only the Tasks section (with Inbox,My Tasks, Queued, Involved,Archived subsections)

3) Modeler: this profile will have the permission to view the Processes section (with the model workspace section)


During the new Group creation, i can see only the assignment and security-role options but the result on an user assigned to this two options is the same: the user can see all the section and for example a cusomer is able to modify a bpmn workflow but my goal is to permit this action only to the Modeler.

I hope my request is clear. All the suggestions and feedback will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Best Regards,