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Problems with query string length

Question asked by chkk on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by andy1

I seem to run in a problem with the query string length (this is at least my assumption based on observations).


The project uses a complex advanced search form with lots of fields. Doing a search normally works fine. But when either a couple of long strings are filled out in the form or a couple of filters are applied in the facted search, the search fails. Error message is (maybe not exactly - this is a German Alfresco installation): "There was an error requesting your search results. Please try again." 


When analyzing this,  I took a look at the long query string and tried to shorten it - as soon as the length was below 4120 characters, the queries worked, no matter if I removed attributes completely or shortened some search strings.


I did not see any errors in the alfresco.log or catalina.out or solr.log.


Any advice? Is there any way to extend this limit?


As normally only a subset of the fields in the advanced search form will be used, another option would be to optimize the query string before sending out the advanced search. Many fields in the query string are unused parts like "attributename":""


Where would be the right extension point to modify this before it is processed?


Alfresco Version is latest 5.x Community.


Thanks for any input!