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Load the Uploader and Uploaded Date after attaching a file in Datalists

Question asked by lmaorence on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by lmaorence

Hi All,

I am a bit new to Alfresco so please bear with me. I am thinking of extracting the uploader and date uploaded of a file from Document Libray whenever I attach it on a datalist item from Datalist. Do you have any ideas how do I implement this, I tried googling some stuff but I haven't found anything that clears things up on how to implement this. I am thinking of using metadata extractors but I really haven't found on how do I implement it to my custom model.


Basically these are the steps in my mind, I hope this clears you:

1. Uploader uploads a file in Document Library.

2. Approver creates a new datalist item from datalist.

3. Approver attaches a file uploaded from document library.

4. Alfresco loads the uploader's name and date uploaded to the fields.


I am using Alfresco Community v5.1.0 / Alfresco Share v5.1.e