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Activiti loops between two task repeatedly

Question asked by lihongfu on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by ryandawson

Hi ,

I am using activiti 5.10, recently, I have encountered a problem.

I have one workflow with a start event, an end event, and 3 userTask nodes.

A very simple activiti workflow.

The question is, when complete userTask1, the flow go to userTask2, it is OK.
After I complete userTask2, the flow will goto userTask3 as the flow designed.
But actually, the current activity goto userTask1, the I complete userTask1, goto userTask2, userTask1.
Seems the activiti engine always loop between userTask1 and userTask2.

I overwrite UserTaskActivityBehavior.leave method, try to print the outgoingTransitions.

When it works correctlly, logs shows as below:

But, in my case: logs show as below, missing sequence flow: flow1.
outgoingTransitions: [(userTask1)-->(userTask2)]

After I restart my tomcat, then the activiti works well. Is it a deployment issue?

Can anyone have an idea regarding this question, thanks.