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Problem with translation-part 2

Question asked by akafortes on Jan 30, 2018
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Hello everyone,


This is a "part 2" of a previous question I had with problems in translation, Problem with translation.

There seems to be a conflict of some sort when use the "alfresco-el" and the "share-el" translation files together.

If I only use the "share-el" almost everything is tanslated, exept for the "Properties" section in the document details page. You can see that in the "Properties_1" screenshot below.

When I also add the "alfresco-el" file, I can see that this section is correctly translated, but for some reason the rest of the available actions are turned back to english. You can see that in the "Properties_2" screenshot below.

And this problem extends to other areas of the repository as well, like the menu when you browse the repository


."With Problem"

And some other places like the "More" options menu you get on an item in the repository with options like "Copy To.." etc.


It appears that when I use the "alfresco-el" translation file, something gets messed up or when reading the translation properties and it stops parsing the files at some point... I don't know.

Anyone has any insite on where I might have a look? Should I check the translation files again, maybe some options of Alfresco?



EDIT: I noticed that the embeded images are not readable cause they are long, if you click on them you can open the image to see it in full size.