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Issue resetting a user password

Question asked by rken on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by jpotts

Hi Alfresco Users!

I have many people using our Alfresco Server, both internal and external. All our internal users sync from an AD server.


There is one internal user that has had their account for years and has had no problems until now, they have forgotten their password.


As an Admin I have reset her password a few times but when trying to log in using the new password it says the following:


"Your authentication details haven't been recognized or Alfresco Content Services may not be available at this time."


When this happens, I expected to see something come up in the catalina.out log file (/opt/alfresco-community/tomcat/logs/catalina.out) but there is nothing


I can reset a password of another user with no issues, just seems to be this one that runs in this problem


  • What is the issue here? and the fix?
  • What log file should I see people logging in and out, and attempting to?


If any additional information is required for troubleshooting please let me know and ill drop it in a reply ASAP.


Thanks in advance,