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Edit online unlocks document after 10 minutes (MacOS, Alfresco 5.2)

Question asked by llzwerg on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by afaust

Hi all,


we have an issue in Alfresco 5.2 when editing office documents online with MS Office for Mac (version 16.9)

After 10 minutes, no matter if I am working in the file or leave it idle, the file gets unlocked in Alfresco, so other users don't see that I am working on it.

Also when saving the file, it looks at first as if it was saved, but the file is not updated in Alfresco. Only when opening the file again (what may be days later) I get a message in Word that I have local changes which have not been synchronized with Alfresco.


Did anyone else experience this behaviour and has a workaround / solution (except offline editing, what will not be accepted by our employees)?