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Alfresco Enterprise (One/Content Services) vs Alfresco Community (HA)

Question asked by liviu.ioan on Feb 8, 2018
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I would like to understand more about the technical differences on Enterprise vs Community.
I was not able to find any good (deep) resources on the subject.
(you can actually give me pointers in the Alfresco Enterprise code/components)


I am interested in a high availability (HA) context (2 Alfresco nodes).
A small number of users can be connected at the same time (< 10).
Less than 25 000 documents are inserted in Alfresco per day (usually, way less than 10 000 are deposited every day)
The scenario is well depicted here:


My understand is the following:
the 2 Alfresco nodes share the same database
the needed Solr nodes operate in cluster mode
When Alfresco starts, it simply interrogates the database and Solr for the info needed.


Question: why can't I use Alfresco Community for the above HA scenario?
What is missing in Alfresco Community?


Thank you.