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Not able to scan all the files for virus on production

Question asked by ayushi.agrahari on Feb 8, 2018
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I have successfully made the project for scanning the files for antivirus by clamav by following the links Antivirus and 

How to Schedule a Custom Action? 


It is running perfectly on local but when I have deployed the amps on the production,the scheduler scans only some files and not all at once.I am not able to figure out why this is so.


Anyone plz guide me in this direction.Is this the behaviour of scheduler or if there is any bug in the code?


Ihave put the crown job

<!– Execute every day at 10p.m
        <property name="cronExpression">
             <value>0 0 22 * * ?</value>

    in scheduled-services-context.xml to execute the scheduler to run everyday at 10pm