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Reading is slow when multiple ContentStores are enabled

Question asked by liviu.ioan on Feb 9, 2018
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I have an Alfresco One v5.1.3 configured with 6 ContentStores (6 S3ContentStores).

From time to time, reading is very slow (40-50 seconds).

I debugged. The problem is that when a read occurs, every ContentStore is interrogated for the object in the request (in the order defined by contentStoreSelector). Also, reading is not slow every time because there is a cache used for these requests (a cache in the Alfresco code, I mean).

Important note 1: the S3 storage is respoding very quickly to requests.

Important note 2: the Alfresco S3 Connector has the number of retries set to 5, so every ContentStore is actually interrogated 6 times; that's why reading becomes very slow (40-50seconds). The number of retries is hardcoded in the connector, no way to configure it "outside".


More detailed & technical information:

  1. When a read occurs, the selectReadStore is called (AbstractRoutingContentStore class). You can see the iteration I'm talking about in selectReadStore. You can also see the caching at the beginning of selectReadStore.
  2. When a write operation occurs, the selectWriteStore is called (StoreSelectorAspectContentStore class). In selectWriteStore, the proper ContentStore is selected using cm:storeName.


Q1: Why is cm:storeName not used by selectReadStore, too? Why is Alfresco iterating through ContentStores, when it's clear from cm:storeName which ContentStore is holding the requested object?


Q2: Is there something we can do to speed things up (besides making use of just 1 S3ContentStore, so no iteration is needed)? The slow reading seems to happen pretty often, despite the cache in selectReadStore (I have not made sufficient tests to actually tell you how often).


Thank you.