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How to send a REST call from Alfresco to another web application?

Question asked by h.john on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by afaust

I`m trying to communicate with another web application using Alfresco.


I need to take some properties from Alfresco node and send them like a HTTP request to a service named "Binotel"


Can some one help me to create in Alfresco something like this:
- содержимое: {"name":John, "numbers":0672361256", "description":Customer, "email", "assignedToEmployeeNumber":901, signature":"51188e42ba9ee47699699","key":"6pf4-7o"}


How I have a JS which collect data from a node properties



var name =["zkz:Zayavitel"];
var number =["zkz:Telefone"];
var description =["zkz:Rezult"];
var emplnum =["zkz:Managernum"];
var email =["zkz:Email"];
But I do not know how to put them into a http request and send to Binotel service.