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Content stream is empty in version 1.0

Question asked by lukbr on Feb 12, 2018

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to communicate to Alfresco using Python via cmislib 0.6.0. Here are my Alfresco characteristics (http://locahost:8080/alfresco/service/cmis/index.html):


Version Supported1.0
Specification TitleCMIS Version 1.0 Committee Draft 07
Vendor NameAlfresco
Product NameAlfresco Repository (Community)
Product Version3.3.0 (2765)

I'm having some issues getting the content stream of the first document version (1.0). In this example:








I can get contentStream from current and 2.0 versions using:


obj = repo.getObject('workspace://SpacesStore/2a4e646e-55fb-473e-b2e2-be8f7c3845cb;2.0')



However, the property 'cmis:contentStreamLength': 0 is always empty when I get the 1.0 object version.


Besides, I've checked in version history that 1.0 version content is corrupted also:


The node's content is missing:     node: versionStore://version2Store/040abff6-2b3d-4d74-a2a7-6fa80dd52690     reader: null   Please contact your system administrator.


I don't really know what I'm doing wrong, so I would really appreciate any help. If you need more information about the problem, please ask for it.


Thanks in advance!