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Unable to update html template file

Question asked by baki1983 on Feb 16, 2018
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I'm trying to update my-tasks.get.html.ftl file on one of my Tomcat, but I when I log in I cannot see any changes. I'm simply trying to add another button (<span> element) in this file, and I have uploaded the modified version inside :




But it doesn't work - old content is still shown. When I log out and log in again, I can still see the old version of my dashlet. I've tried everything :


- restarted Tomcat - nothing

- removed and re-added dashlet again - still the same

- went to share/page/index and clicked "Refresh Web Scripts" blue button at the bottom - still the same

- went to alfresco/service/index and clicked on the same button - again, not updated


i haven't modified anything else.


Am I missing something? How can I update this HTML presentation part of my tasks dashlet?


I'm using Alfresco Community 5.2 installed on Windows 7 as a service.


Thanks in advance