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Alfresco SDK 3.0 Jar deployment

Question asked by calin.chiper on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by afaust

I'm currently using Alfresco SDK 3.0 as a back-end service and Alfresco ADF Angular Components as a front-end. I've set up the integration test and a database connection using PostgreSQL. It works fine when I mvn clean install alfresco:run. My question is how can I deploy the app on a server for example? I know that in target folder it generates a jar file and a war file. Since the tomcat is embedded there no need to copy the jar or war in tomcat/webapps, just to run the app. I ran the app using java -jar alfresco-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar and I got the following error: no main manifest attribute, in alfresco-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar. 

target folder



What are the right steps to make the Alfresco SDK app running correctly on server?



 I generated the app using

mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=org.alfresco:

and selected 

4: remote -> org.alfresco.maven.archetype:alfresco-platform-jar-archetype (Sample project with full support for lifecycle and rapid development of Platform/Repository JARs and AMPs (Alfresco Module Packages))