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how to get value of nm:publishState (from properties) using Alfresco node browser?

Question asked by faisalek on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by faisalek

I want to use Alfresco Node browser from comment line using HTTP GET command to fetch the nm:publishState property of a document. 


I am trying to use the URL : http://<hostname>:8080/share/page/console/admin-console/node-browser#state=panel%3Dview%26nodeRef%3Dworkspace%253A%252F%252FSpacesStore%252F49afb795-2343-fdfd-8053-1cedeeb36487%26search%3Dworkspace%253A%252F%252FSpacesStore%252F49afb795-2343-fdfd-8053-1cedeeb36487%26lang%3Dnoderef%26store%3Dworkspace%253A%252F%252FSpacesStore but unable to get the property value. Could you please help with the steps to get this property.