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How to update task property of type NodeRef using REST API?

Question asked by eugen.p on Feb 20, 2018
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I'm working on a project which integrates with Alfresco v4.2.e and Activiti v5.13.

I use the REST API to query for tasks through the task-instance service.

When a property is a (collection of) NodeRef, It returns a (collection of) string ("workspace://....").
When I try to update this property, Alfresco throws a ClassCastException saying that String cannot be cast to NodeRef.

I found this bug on your jira [ALF-2705] ClassCastException in getProperties() - Alfresco JIRA  which seems to be related to my problem but in the other direction. Is my problem a bug? Is this a bug fixed in the v4.2.f? Did I do something wrong?


Anyway I decided to try the activiti-rest webapp to query directly Activiti. So I searched the war for the 5.13.

Unfortunately the Activiti website doesn't provide a long history of binaries. I had to build the war using the sources from github. When I deployed the compiled war to a Tomcat and tried to get variables through the runtime/tasks service, It throws a ActivitiException "unknown variable type name alfrescoScriptNodeList". Indeed in some Maven repo I've seen some Activiti jars suffixed by "alf". Did I built the wrong war? Is there a fork of the project?


Finally I could write a webscript in Alfresco using the Alfresco Java API but it would be the last option...


Sorry for the length of this text and thanks in advance for your answers.