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Delay in Alfresco Node Creation Using Webscript

Question asked by mageshvg on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by mageshvg

Hi All,


I have an performance issue in using alfresco. I have integrated Kafka with alfresco as mentioned below link.


GitHub - jpotts/alfresco-kafka: Publishes Alfresco node events (create, update, delete) to an Apache Kafka topic. 


That event will create a node with an custom model in repository. For same functionality, I have an post web script rest services to Create same custom model node in alfresco repository.


Initially its worked fine. But now for creating node it is taking more than 3 minutes in both way.


If I call this post method to create a node or if i push on a topic to create the node, it is not reflecting in immediately when i call get services.


Please help me to understand this issue.