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Set Form Visibility Based on Task Assigneeship?

Question asked by mgundrum on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by cjose

Alfresco Process Services, Enterprise v1.5


One of our Processes looks like the image here, with two consecutive User Tasks referencing the same form. In the form, the majority of the tasks are completed by the Support team, and after they complete their task, the Asset Management task is assigned to a group of 4 candidate users who complete a much smaller subsection of the same form. Ideally, this subsection would only be available to the Asset Management users - the visibility of the fields dependent upon whether or not one of the 4 candidate users is the current Task assignee, otherwise the fields are hidden. Is there a way to complete this on either the Form or Process Editors, or a way to pull a 'current task assignee' variable into the Form Editor? Perhaps some sort of Javascript event on FormRendered. Thanks in advance for your insight.