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Alfresco Architecture + Alfresco versions + maven params

Question asked by liviu.ioan on Feb 27, 2018
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I am having trouble understanding how versioning works in Community, Enterprise and maven.
I am interested in developing an Alfresco extension that gets inserted into Alfresco v5.1.1.


Q0: The Alfresco SDK 3.x is the recommended way to develop extensions for Alfresco v5.1.1, right?

I need an org.alfresco.maven.archetype:alfresco-platform-jar-archetype.
I found in the docs the following phrase, but I just want to make sure the SDK 3.x ( + generating AMP) is the way to do it:
"Alfresco SDK 3.0 is compatible with Alfresco One 4.2.7*, 5.0.4, 5.1.2, 5.1.3, and Alfresco Content Services 5.2.x."


Q1: (SDK 3.x) What is the right value for maven in the <alfresco.platform.version> param if I want to develop an extension for v5.1.1, i.e. Alfresco Enterprise r128754-b138 schema 9031?
Yes, I have read the docs:
but I do not understand what is the exact value for the <alfresco.platform.version> param in maven


Q2: Is there a correspondence between Alfresco Community & Alfresco Enterprise (One/Content Services) versions?
What is the Community edition corresponding to Alfresco One v5.1.1?
I understand that Enterprise = Community + extra functionality, so an Enterprise version should correspond to a Community version.
I found this table, but it does not answer my question.


Q3: Could someone give a short overview of the Alfresco Architecture (alfresco-repository, alfresco-core, alfresco-data-model, ...)?
I understand Alfresco is made up of multiple artifacts.
I believe the Community artifacts are common to both Community & Enterprise.
Which artifacts belong to Community? Which artifacts are strictly related to Alfresco Enterprise? What is the purpose of each artifact?
On, Alfresco Enterprise Releases > org > alfresco, I can see a lot of artifacts. Is there a short presentation for what I am seeing there?


Answers to any of the above questions are highly appreciated. Thank you.