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activiti - pending task

Question asked by anakin59490 on Feb 28, 2018


i have a first task with a form to fill by user 1.

When the form is filled a second user can be assigned for another task :


It works ! But i don't find how to retrieve the username of the reviewAssignee and bpm_assignees...

I don't understand how they are initialized !


But i must update the diagram with the following :

=> if user 1 can't fill the form because of a required  info is unknown for the moment then the task must be placed in a "pending" dashlet


This is what i try without succes :





my js :




What appens at this time :

document disappears from the main dashlet (cool) but doesn't appear in "pending" dashlet (not cool)


execution.setVariable("wfvd_standBy","en attente"); is used for that...


but my first question is :

can the diagram be updated like this ? (second picture)

i don't find similar case on the web


Thank you in advance for your help and some explications.