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How to get process instance id from the stencil

Question asked by olylak on Mar 1, 2018



I have created a custom stencil. 

In the controller I need to:


   1. Call my webservice and pass it id of a currently running procces instance.

   2. WS will do some manipulations with requeired docuement.

   3. WS will call a activiti rest service to attach a resulting document to the current process instance.

   4. Attached document should be available for the users on the next process tasks.


The question is:


How I can get processInstanceId from an angular controller?

I'm able to get taskId from the form.taskId on formRendered event, but can't find how to get process instance id.

Is any js object available holding this information?


Can't find any documentation on that.


Thanks in advance!