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Password length on Community 6.0

Question asked by usr on Mar 4, 2018

Dear all

As I did understand from other answers, there is no standard way to force a password policy.

In a way I can live with that, I can use an LDAP to force this. But for local accounts I'd like to force at least a minimum length.


There is a document Configuring Share user name and password | Alfresco Documentation saying to force this on web-extension/share-config-custom.xml.

I tried this. It does not work, at least not with Community Early Access - 6.0.0.


Is there really no way to force the users to use at least a few more characters than the standard 3?

I changed the login page and added an external way, but how to force a minimum length with the standard change password? Any user can reach this.


Any hint would be appreciated.

Many thanks,