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Query SAP from Alfresco during the storage of a document.

Question asked by scasado on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by blaesig

Hello Community.


I am a new user of Alfresco (ONE 5.1) and in my company SAP is used, and Alfresco is used as a repository of documents. We are using Connexas as the SAP-ALFRESCO Adaptor.


But we are facing a problem: additional information must be used to create the folder of the document and to put data into custom properties. So thats the big problem: I do not know how to "query" SAP (calling a webservice) once the document is stored in the repository.


I have been analyzing the possibility of calling the webservice from a rule (JS Script) triggered when the document is updated. Also the possibility to use behaviours. Jobs perhaps????


But I can not find a valid example showing solution is better.


Any help would be appreciated.



Jeff Potts@ could be my saviour!!!!