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Share-config for a mayor update of a workflow

Question asked by aht on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2018 by afaust

I have Alfresco AOI 5.2 (sdk 3). I deployed a new version of a workflow (activiti 5.19) with new features and paths. Older version of my workflow instance (in fly) keeps the old WF (thats ok) but the menus/forms they are using are from last and new version of share-config-custom... with controls (buttons) to paths that do not exists in the old version.


So when my users click on buttons they got a non I18n error msg :( I want people with old WF not to see the menus/forms made for the new WF verion. How can I achieve that?


If this is not possible, another option could be to customize the error msg. I found out the error msg is a gatewayActivitiException and it doesn't have a stacktraceprint in catalina. The msg is hardcoded in that class, i didn't found a properties file.


Thanks a lot in advance for your help :)