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How can I change a custom aspect fields value using CMIS?

Question asked by redflow on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by redflow

Hi all,

I'm using a custom aspect for folder in which I put a value.

Using SELECT on particular folder I can get the value of the field but I'm not able to change it programmatically.


With this select

SELECT * FROM igw:ContatorePraticaLegale WHERE cmis:name = 'Pratiche Legali'

I get all the standard CMIS fields and also the one of igw:ContatorePraticaLegale aspect (igw:Contatore)


But when I try to change his value I get the error

Property +'igw:Contatore' is not valid for this type!

What should I do to tell CMIS to update the aspect field for the folder?


Thank you