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Automatic category registration

Question asked by yosk on Mar 13, 2018
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Newbie question:


I'm using version of Aflresco Community - 5.2.0 (r135134-b14) I'm custmizing page of the document-details.

 I could implement adding the category at the time of registration by adding the aspect.
However, I want to automatically add it to the category based on the information of document property when registering or updating a document.


As far as I know ,can do with Alfresco Share Javascript API.


How do I use ?


Please how should I solve this problem?

Thanks in advanced.


2018.3.22 Add

 Originally, an operation to add a category from the category manager

   I want to do it together with the automatic registration of categories by the content of document property information.


1. Introduction There are the following categories.

Category root

  + "Manufacturing date"

  + "Manufacturing location"

2. Register the following documents.

   Document name: strawberry cake

    Property (manufacturing date) March 2013

    Property (manufacturing place) kitchen

 <When you register>

Category root

  + "Manufacturing date"

        + "March 2018"     <= Newly created

  + "Manufacturing location"

2. Register the following

        + "Kitchen"            <= Newly created

3. We will add category "Strawberry Cake" category automatically