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Issue with deploying simple modules(JAR type) after installing and uninstalling AMP modules

Question asked by arangarajann on Mar 14, 2018



       Version : Alfresco Enterprise Edition 5.2.1


    We are using alfresco enterprise edition 5.2.1 for developing our custom applications. we are using alfresco maven SDK 3.0 for development and generating build jars.


Recently we installed and uninstalled SAML module (AMP type) for alfresco.war and share.war.


we were able to deploy our custom jars in modules/platform and modules/share directory without any issue before installing and uninstalling the SAML module. we were able to see the loaded custom jars at the time of starting the alfresco server and able to see the changes in Share URL also before installing SAML module.


After installing and uninstalling the SAML module, the alfresco server is not able to pick and deploy our custom jars (simple modules) available in modules/platform and modules/share directory at the time of starting the alfresco server. We are not able to see our custom code jars changes in Share UI after starting the server.


We need help to solve this issue.