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Get inherited attributes

Question asked by on Mar 14, 2018

Dear experts,


I'm new in Alfresco and I started building some sample process with Alfesco Pprocess Services, but I have an issue.

1) I created a custom type from Share's Admin Tools menu

2) I exported this model to Alfresco Process Services

3) I created a process

   a) In the Start step the user will select a policy document from the Alfresco Content Repository

   b) The second step is an "Retrieve Alfresco properties"

   Configuration of Retrieve Alfresco properties step

   each property is saved in a new variable

   b) The final step is a "User Task". In this task I'm display a from that will show all the variables got from the previous step.

   Display Variables


So as you can see I'm able to display the properties defined directly in my type. But it's not the case for the attributes inherited from the parent type cm:document.


I really appreciate if someone can help me or if you have another idea on how we can get the other attributes (cm:name, cm:created, ...).


Thank you in advance.


Best Regards,