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Trigger external service and then listen for JMS response

Question asked by wintuit on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by ryandawson

Hi there,


I'm currently working on a project that uses Activiti to trigger external systems and then waits for a response from that system in the form of a JMS message. I have a Java Service task that is responsible for calling the external service and then a listener class that uses RuntimeService.signal(executionId) to set a receive task to completed. The issue is that when the external service responds too quickly (within milliseconds), it seems as if Activiti hasn't transitioned into the receive task yet and the workflow isn't able to continue.


I've been trying to solve this by setting up the tasks in parallel but that's been its own can of worms as the trigger ends up happening multiple times. Is there a suggested way to build my workflow to fit this sort of situation?


I've attached images of our current workflow as well as the solution I've been attempting.