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Alfresco server Easy recovery configuration

Question asked by leviya on Mar 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by mehe

Hi folks,

I have a backup of production server Alfresco 4.2 Enterprise including:

database MS SQL;

"Tomcat7" folder;

"Alfresco" folder (it has "alf_data" folder, "" and other).

Currently, I'm deploying additional server Alfresco for fault-tolerance (not for a cluster) with the same configuration. I plan to use this server in the future in case of production server will fail.


I'd like to make full and easy deployment of new server Alfresco with production configuration without installing modules, configuring Tomcat, SOLR with a lot of other things.

I plan to use these steps when setting up a new server:

1) Install OS and Alfresco from the production distro. Stop service Tomcat7 on a new server.

2) Recover (сopy) MS SQL-database of production server from backup under a different name.

3) Delete (or rename) "Alfresco" and "Tomcat7" folders from installation.

4) Recovery (copy) "Alfresco" and "Tomcat7" folders of production server from backup on the same pathes on a new server.

5) Change on new server main properties Alfresco in (,, and, that refer to IP and name of the production server.

6) Start service Tomcat7 on a new server.


Is this right decision? Can I just recover folders "Alfresco" and "Tomcat7" from production server on a new server?

Therefore, if production server will fail in the future, I will recover only repository with indexes (database and datastore folder) on a new server from relevant production backup.


Thank you!