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AOS and Alfresco login ticket

Question asked by pcuvecle2 on Mar 26, 2018
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We would like to integrate AOS with a custom application we are building on top of Alfresco. The goal is to allow the following use case :

1. Our custom web application retrieve a list of Word document from Alfresco and displays it to the user formatted as aos links

2. The user clicks on a link to edit a document, Words opens and the user can then save directly to Alfresco

Note that we have an Alfresco login ticket for the user


From what I understand here Considerations when using Alfresco Office Services | Alfresco Documentation  Login ticket is not part of the authentication possibilities.

Is there a way to pass this ticket to MS Office to let him use it to open the document if the user has the appropriate permission with this ticket ? and then have MS Office using also this ticket at save time ?


Thanks for your answers